Making connections

I should be able to get a read on what Kasich really has in mind tomorrow. All indications are that he intends to ride the Article V BBA pony for the next couple months, at least. Politically, it makes absolutely perfect sense for him. He’s pissed off the NRA (they endorsed his D opponent in 2010), wants to see a pathway for citizenship for illegals, and has taken the Obamacare expansion in Ohio. None of this helps with the right
But if he can make the election about balancing the budget, he’s a natural. He’s got cred. And, really, that’s what the election should be about.
Hopefully I can spend some time with his aides, Tim Lynch and Merle Madrid. Maybe have lunch. I talked briefly with both of them today, and liked their attitude. I would feel comfortable talking about “Setting the Table” with them. I doubt they’ve thought it through, and if I can get them jacked up about it they’ll run it by Kasich.
It will be a fun day.

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