The Grand Tour of the Mountain West

Merle Madrid and Jim Lynch of Kasich’s office have us penciled in for 1-21 through 1-23.  Kasich’s apparently tight with Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, and wants the junket to wind up there on Friday.  Ideally we’d have Kasich start off in Pierre on Wednesday the 21st, then go to Cheyenne for the evening.  On Thursday he’d do Salt Lake, then to Helena for the evening, followed by Boise on Friday.  Who knows what the final itinerary will be, but if we can get him in these five states it would be awesome.  It sure seems like he’s raring to go.

Fruth brought up Oklahoma, where Birchers are born, as a state to concentrate on.  This allowed us to seg into Sen. Coburn, and what he could do for the cause.  We asked them to see if the Gov would call Coburn, so that they can coordinate with one another.  I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that they were tight back in the 90’s, when Kasich was Budget Chair.  Coburn was in the House from ’94 to 2000, I believe.  He’d promised to serve only three terms, and, unlike most who make such a pledge, kept his word.  Unless there’s some personality problem between them (Coburn’s a little prickly) it makes sense that they were allies in the war against the deficit.

I’m betting Kasich brings Coburn aboard with the Task Force, something we’ve wanted for months.  Watching Kasich in Phoenix showed me he’s one hell of an effective advocate.  I don’t know about Coburn, but the man has a presence, and stature.  He’s retired as of Jan. 3, so as long as his health holds up he should be able to hit all our targets.  Like Kasich, he’s a golf nut, so getting him to Arizona and South Carolina should be no problem.

it’s been a good week.  The wind blows stronger.

There are waves, and winds, and tides.  Waves are a one off.  But a strong and steady wind can drive a ship a thousand miles.

A tide, now, is a different thing.  It carries all before it.  It changes landscapes.  The tide has ebbed against freedom in this country for a hundred years.  The law of tides says the flood is as strong as the ebb.

Can the tide have turned?

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