Our man in Wyoming

Tyler Lindholm is a youthful freshman in the Wyoming House, and he just made me feel a lot better.  Sen. Jeff Wasserburger told me yesterday that there was a big problem in legislative drafting, and we might have trouble getting our bill written in official form.  And he says he’s so busy with his work on Appropriations that he can’t worry about it.

So I’m thinking, Great, we get Kasich to Cheyenne and we’ve got no bill for him to support.  I emailed Tyler, he called, and it turns out we shouldn’t have any problem at all.  What a relief.

In every state you’ve got to have one person you can count on, someone who will keep you advised of the situation on the ground.  I’ll be counting on Tyler in Wyoming.

I emailed Madrid and Lynch in Kasich’s office and made a couple suggestions.  Like have the Gov. write an op-ed for the WSJ, extolling the BBA and explaining his campaign on its behalf.  And giving a speech to the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce when he’s there in January.  These are pretty basic, fundamental things, which probably would have occurred to them anyway.  I hope they don’t resent my making suggestions.  I’d like to work closely with these guys.  The Task Force and Kasich’s staff have a lot to offer each other.

It’s like they’re the Prussians at Waterloo.  Just in time.

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