Because of NFIB’s Suzie Budge, we’ve got a shot at Idaho this year.  We cc’d this morning, and she agreed to figure out who we want as a sponsor in the House.  We’ll start there. She says it’s more fertile ground than the Senate.  Senator Hagedorn will concentrate on his work with the Mt. Vernon Project, setting the table for the Amendment Convention’s procedures.  She’ll use Hagedorn’s office to get a new, updated version of our bill drafted.  She’ll also see if she can find any potential Birch/Eagle opposition in the legislature.  They haven’t been a force to be reckoned with in Idaho, which is welcome news, and contrary to my expectations.

The main reason for optimism in Idaho is the nature of our opposition.  It’s not the rabid right, it’s the more moderate, establishment types.  Speaker Bedke, Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, and Gov.Butch Otter all fall in this category.  These are not RINO’s, by any stretch.  They’re conservative Republicans who think the new wave Tea Party types are wild eyed ideologues.  We should be able to get these guys.  Kasich is the perfect guy to make the pitch.  Absolutely perfect.  Following him up will be Natelson  — the mild mannered, perfectly reasonable Professor who knows more about Article V than anybody.

Suzie was a little skeptical about bringing Palin in, afraid she’d run off the moderates.  I think she’s open to it, though.  It will be Kasich’s call, anyway.

We’re all tickled pink to have Kasich in on this.  If we don’t get 34 in ’15, which you’d have to bet on, we should get pretty close.  I’m counting on MT, WY, UT, SD, ND, WI, SC and WV.  That’s 32, and we’ll get there by late spring.  Quite a feather in a potential Presidential candidate’s hat.  Big mo going into 2016.  Meanwhile what will Christie or Bush have accomplished?  For the country, not for themselves.

I don’t take Christie seriously.  Bush will be Kasich’s competitor for the “moderate” alternative.  Signs point to a Bush run.  He’s got a lot going for him.  He’s a lot smarter than his brother, but that’s not saying much.  I’ve been wrong plenty of times, but I can’t see this country going for a third Bush.  Especially when there is a perfectly acceptable alternative in Kasich.  Bush won’t be able to buy it.  He’ll probably have the most money, but plenty of others will be able to compete.

Being smart, like Kasich, is always an advantage.  I think it’s even more important in a crowded field.  You gotta be nimble, you gotta be quick.  I’ve been into Presidential politics since 1964.  50 years.  Reagan, in ’80, was of course the best.  This will be a wild one.  The odds on Kasich are 40-1.

Want to make a bet?

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