Needs work.  Brent Mead of the Montana Policy Institute says Sen. Webb will be too busy on other issues to be our sponsor, and we don’t have anyone else nailed down.  Plus, there’s apparently some confusion between our bill and the CoS bill.  I’ll have a long talk with Brent on Thursday and get all this straightened out.  He seems to think there’s no problem.  Until we have a bill and a sponsor, there’s a problem.

Brent did connect me with the exec.dir. of the Montana Republican Party, Chris Shipp.  I’ll use Chris to get to Speaker Knudsen and the Senate President to make them aware of Kasich’s planned visit.  A lot of the media think of Kasich as a second tier candidate, but people with political smarts know better.  Word of his visit will be big news in Helena, Montana.

Brent’s former roommate is Sen.-elect Daines’ chief of staff, so we’re hoping for support there.  He thinks Daines may be addressing the MT legislature the same week Kasich’s set to be in Helena.  With no R governor, Daines is the leader of the Republican Party in Montana.  Having him at the presser, endorsing Kasich’s initiative, would be a nice touch.

Jeb Bush is forming an exploratory committee, which means he’s the first to informally declare.  In Phoenix Kasich said something very interesting.  When he left Congress, and the Budget Committee, in 2000 he says there trillions of dollars the federal government had in reserves (I assume he means all the money that was in the Social Security Trust Fund, and other such trusts).  He expressed amazement, exasperation, that it’s all gone.  What’s interesting, of course, is that this didn’t all happen under Obama.  A president named Bush, Jeb’s brother, as a matter of fact, got the ball rolling.  If Kasich runs, I bet he goes after the spending practices in D.C. for the last 15 years.  He’ll criticize Bush for his spending, as well as Obama.  Does Jeb throw his brother under the bus?  He may have to.  And what about the moronic nation building in Iraq that cost us so many lives, and so much treasure?  Does Jeb throw W under the bus for that, too?

The tide is at ebb, the flood has not begun.  But there are signs.  Uber is mobilizing its loyal customer base to fight off the regulators.  These are millennials, mainly.  And Uber’s winning.  These kids are learning that the state is not their friend.  It’s so twentieth century.  There’s a libertarian impulse in these kids.  Rand Paul hits a nerve when he says nobody has a right to get into my cellphone  –the whole NSA thing.

They went for Obama because it was the cool thing to do.  Biracial, cool dude, fresh face.  It was all bullshit, and they’re starting to figure it out.  We can get these kids.   Kasich could get them, so could Paul.  Maybe a couple others.  But Bush?


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