Winter Solstice

For the next six months, as we get to 34, each day will be longer than the last.  My timeline is the summer solstice.  That would allow the political process of Article V to culminate in a vote, on Nov. 8, 2016, to ratify a BBA.

Bill, Dave and I share a vision.  We part ways on how to get there.  To them the Task Force is stealthy, hoping to sneak its way to 34 before anyone notices.  I see the campaign for the BBA as a concrete political manifestation of a much larger phenomenon  — the drive to take back our freedom.  And I want the campaign to be seen as such.  As it will be, when it is seen.  And the sooner it is seen, the stronger it will be.  That’s why Kasich is a godsend.  His interest, and ours, are the same.  And he has the power, by virtue of who he is, to let this campaign be seen.

The way I see it, right now, we’ve got a real shot at Wyoming because of him.  If he were to pull out, for some reason, I’m very concerned that we could lose Wyoming.  That would be a severe blow, but not fatal.  If, in March of 2016, Virginia becomes our 33rd state,, I think Gov. Mead could be convinced to call a special session to make Wyoming the 34th and deciding state.  I don’t think we get Virginia until then, after the legislative elections of November, 2015.  This will be one of the few actual elections in 2015, and will hopefully feature a debate on a BBA through Article V.

Even without Virginia and Wyoming we could get to 34 by 2015. But we’d have to run the table, no mean feat.  And our two suspect Resolutions would have to hold up, contra Natelson.  What Natelson doesn’t see is the political aspect of aggregation.  The Congressmen who will vote on it aren’t judges, they’re politicians, who can be counted on to vote in their own self interest.  For Republicans in 2015, that will be to aggregate.

How far the drive to take back our freedom goes is up to us.  Who knows how far we can go?  We do know it began on a date certain.  October of 2013, the Obamacare website fiasco, the revelation of the great liberal lie.  At that point the ebb tide against freedom hit low water mark, was spent.

If we win, it will be with the flood.

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