A year ago, at Bill Fruth’s request, I did a quick and dirty research on special sessions.  Somewhere on the internet I saw something that said Montana can only have a special session if the Governor calls it.  Since Montana has a Democratic Governor, and won’t convene in 2016, I figured if we didn’t get Montana this year we won’t get it at all.  I looked into it again, by reading the Montana Constitution, and it turns out a simple majority of the Montana Legislature can call itself into special session.

This is huge.  If we come up a little short in Montana, it’s not the end of the world.  If, say, in May of 2016 we get to 33 we can go back to Montana and try to turn some votes.  The stakes would be high, and resources plentiful.  We could do it.

What a relief.  We’ve got some things going for us in 2015, but not like we’ll have in 2016, with the Presidential election well underway.  If we’re close, even the most dimwitted Republican will realize what a boon this would be for his party.

What counts as close?  That’s the question.  Would 30 be good enough?  SC, WV, WI, ND, SD and UT would get us to thirty.  Coburn could get us Oklahoma, and either Wyoming or Montana would make 32.

That’s close.

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