The Counterattack

It hasn’t come yet.  Will it?  At some point, when they take us seriously, the D’s will realize that putting the BBA, and Article V, at the forefront of the 2016 election will kill them, politically.  Their playbook from 30 years ago, when Lew Uhler got to 32, was to give Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum enough money to run an effective scare campaign against Article V  – the runaway bugaboo.

Their options are limited this time.  In all twelve of our target states, Republicans have the votes.  To stop us, the Democrats need to turn Republicans against us.  The runaway argument is the only one they’ve got.  Schlafly, and the Eagle Forum, and the John Birch Society, are spent forces.  Giving them money would not, at this point, be enough.

So they’ll sue, I suspect.  Find a Federal District Court Judge somewhere that they can count on, and get them to issue some sort of ruling against us.  Probably saying our Resolutions don’t aggregate.  I’m just guessing here.  Which makes today’s news out of D.C. significant.  Rep. Steve Stivers (R, Ohio) got a rule change passed by the House which sets up a formal procedure for aggregation.  This is the kind of thing which will discourage any interference from the courts.

The judiciary, as a matter of fact, hasn’t got one damned thing to do with Article V.  Any ruling, by any judge, attempting to insert the judicial branch into this process should, of course, be appealed.

It should also be ignored.

A lot of good news coming in.  We really could get a sweep in the upper plains and mountain states — SD, ND, MT, WY, UT and ID.  That’s 30, and Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina and Oklahoma would make 34, and they’re all very doable.

The tide is turning.

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