Free media

Kasich will get some on Fox News’ Special Report, with Brett Baier, this coming week.  They’re profiling potential Presidential Candidates.  I’ve seen Jindal and, a couple days ago, Perry.  I’ll bet the farm that Kasich comes on strong on the BBA campaign he’s launching.  This will be good.

Special Report is the only TV I watch, other than sports and the weather.  I like Baier, and the panel has Krauthammer, who’s always interesting.  It’s by far the best show on Fox News, and the most highly watched, after O’Reilly.  I’m pretty sure Article V, and the push for a BBA, have never been mentioned, so Kasich’s appearance gets our foot in the door.  At least Baier and his producers will be aware of what Kasich, and we, are doing.

So when we get our 25th (probably South Dakota*) and our 26th (probably West Virginia**) and our 27th (Wyoming?) these people will be vaguely aware of what’s going on .  Hopefully Jim Lynch, Kasich’s press guy, is calling their attention to it.  So when we get our 28th (Idaho?) in late March maybe these guys at Fox will think, Gee, maybe this drive to 34 is news.  Maybe a one minute bit could be devoted to every new state we get.  Maybe viewers would be interested in the state by state progress of this unique movement.

I can dream.

More free media is available on the Op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal or Washington Post.  If, and when, I get through to Palin I may suggest she submit a piece.  I’d do a draft for her.  It would be my very best work, eminently suitable for the editorial page of the WSJ or WaPo.  She can add whatever personal touches she wants.  I don’t care about the byline, it could include my name or not.  She may or may not be interested.  But this campaign for a BBA is perfect for her.  She won’t be involved in any of the Presidential campaigns, so she’ll have a low public profile for the next year or more.  This puts her in the middle of a popular and consequential movement.

How could she say no?

*Thanks Hal Wick

**Thanks John Overington

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