Dave and Susie Biddulph

They sold some property and are “loaning” the proceeds to the cause.  A substantial amount of money.  Enough to do enough, maybe.  I hope, and believe, that their generosity and patriotism will be rewarded with the recognition it deserves.  For that to happen we have to win.

Full speed ahead on the robocall project.  Dave’s in charge, though we’ll all pitch in.  His pro tells him the caller, whoever we decide on, should only give a 30 second intro  — then the program kicks in.  In Wyoming I think Sen. Barasso would be best, in Montana Sen. Daines.  Unless Palin, if we can get her, would be better than both of them.  I’ll check with Matthew and Tyler.

It’s not a lot to ask, cutting a 30 second tape.  The downside is some people get pissed at anyone making a robocall.  The upside is you’re associating yourself with a very important and popular issue.  The fact that it could be the salvation of this country should be a factor in favor, as well.

You’d think.

Dave and Susie’s contribution means that Typhoon Lou will be available to work with me in the mountain states.  He’s an old fashioned rabble rouser who relates well with the regular folks  — Tea Party people.  He’s a bundle of energy who will track down every Tea Party sympathizer in the states of Montana and Wyoming.

And then convert them to the cause.

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