Matthew Monforton told me he’s a hero to conservative Montana lawyers, such as Speaker Knudsen.  Brent Mead says, in addition, his standing among all conservative legislators is such that it should be able to overcome the Birch/Eagle tendencies some of them may have.  He’ll be in Helena for several events on 1-26, 27 so they’ll all get to hear his arguments first hand.  This may be enough, with everything else we’re doing, to win.  Unlike the Dakotas and the other mountain states, there are a lot of Democrats in the Montana legislature, which means our margin for error  — the number of Republican votes we can lose — is small.  We can only lose one vote in Judiciary.

You can’t count on a Democrat, not to be the deciding vote.  The party would be out to get any D who did it.  There’d be too much pressure.

If I go to Cheyenne to testify on the 23rd, I’ll get to Helena on the 26th, so I’d be able to attend one or more of Natelson’s presentations.  The logic of Article V is so overwhelming that I have a hard time concealing my disdain for those who just don’t get it.  I’ve got to work on that.

Biddulph’s robocall project is about to launch a test in Arizona.  If it goes well we’re going to have Gov. Kasich (pronounced Case-itch, I picked up on today) do the intro to the call in Wyoming.  He’s scheduled to meet with legislators in Cheyenne at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday the 22nd, so there will be media coverage throughout the day.  We’ll do the robocalls to Republican Revenue Committee members’ districts that night.  The resulting messages of support from constituents should be received by the member on Friday.  The hearing is 5:00 p. m. that afternoon.  It all looks good.

On paper.

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