Looks like we’ve got one on Revenue.  Roy Edwards, a tire dealer from Gillette, doesn’t want to hear our arguments.  His mind’s made up.  If he is, in fact, a Bircher, there’s no way to move him.  But we can afford to lose three R’s on this committee, so this is not too much of a concern.

It’s a different story in Montana.  And Arizona.  In the MT House Judiciary we can only lose one R.  And on the floor of the Arizona Senate, assuming we can bludgeon Biggs into putting the bill on the floor, he’s the only vote we can lose (it’s a 17-13 split).  We’re never going to get Biggs’ vote — but we can’t lose any more.

It’s a tall order, but can be done.  Let’s say half of R’s are establishment, half are insurgents.  We always get establishment votes.  If we get the rank and file, grass roots, activist insurgent voters to understand and appreciate what we’re doing, they’ll put the heat on their legislators and we’ll get their votes.  Unless they’re Birchers.  They don’t listen.

Fox News First said last week that Kasich was going to be on Special Report’s series on potential presidential candidates.  He wasn’t.  I think that means he’ll be on this coming week.  It seems to me that Kasich, and Fox, would want the segment on him to be filmed on his Mountain State Tour.  I’m guessing they’ll do it in Salt Lake, with the local Fox crew.  Kasich will have been in five states in three days, and heading to Idaho the next day.


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