Uniters and dividers

When’s the last time you heard a Democratic politician of any stature come out for a balanced budget amendment?  It was Jerry Brown almost 40 years ago.  Since then, silence, even though Gallup says 65% of D’s want it.  A lot of rank and file D’s want it, but are divided from their leadership on this issue.

When’s the last time you heard a consequential Republican come out against a BBA?  They’re all for it, Tea Party and establishment.  It’s one big issue that unites the entire party.

And it is big.  The last 15 years have proven that neither political party, as they’re currently constituted, will make the tough decisions needed unless they have no choice.  And calamity awaits if those decisions are not made.

A couple issues are front and center for 2016  —  income inequality and the Islamic War on the West.  Because of what the Task Force is doing, the balanced budget amendment will be the third.  And if the Republican wins, we will get a BBA, if we haven’t already.

Personally, I want an Article V Amendment Convention more than I want a BBA.  The foregoing political analysis, if widely adopted, may well provide the impetus to put us over the top.

And once we’re over the top, away we go.

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