We’ll know soon enough

Friday morning, to be precise.  If we can’t get our bill out of Revenue it will not be a good sign.

The hearing’s at 7:30 a.m., which is good for a morning person like me.  Notice is a little short to fully mobilize our grass roots support, but it’s the same for any opposition.    I’ll be there with Tyler to testify, probably Tony Gagliardi as well.

I guess this is the way they roll in Wyoming  — not a lot of foreplay, just get to it.  At this rate we could be on the floor of the House in a week.   Hell, let’s get it through the Senate and done in February.  We’ll have a race with Hal Wick in South Dakota to see who gets us to 25.

Kasich will have made his pitch less than 24 hours before the hearing.  I’m counting on his making enough of an impression that these guys on the committee will feel they’re being rude if they kill “his” bill.  Folks in Wyoming like to be thought of as friendly and hospitable.  They are, all of that.

Let them show it.

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