Doane and Manzella

We need one of the two or we won’t get out of the Montana House Judiciary Committee.  Matthew Monforton is counting on Natelson to bring them around, but Rob caught a bug in Pierre and won’t be in Helena next week as planned.  We’ve been scrambling all day to figure out a new plan, and it’s in the works.  Fruth will also give his highly persuasive pitch, and I saw in Cheyenne that it can turn votes.

I’ve reached out to Sarah Palin through an old friend from the Alaska Legislature, Jerry Ward.  He tells me he’ll get my proposal to her, and that’s all I can ask.  Alan Doane is from rural northeast Montana, Teresa Manzella is from the rural southwest Montana.  People from these parts of the country love Sarah Palin.  She reminds them of them.  If she’ll agree to a 30 second robocall, I’d bet the farm that it motivates people to write or call their Representative to support HJ 4.  Jerry may have trouble getting through to her, since she just told the WaPo she’s interested in running for President.  She’s probably being overwhelmed with reaction to her statement.  But Jerry will get through.  He’s one of those guys who does what he says he’ll do.

Utah convenes tomorrow, so I’ll need to start working with Kraig Powell.  It will be a fight all the way, just like Montana and Wyoming.

Idaho is another place I’ll need to check on.  Kasich was there Friday, and may have helped kick start things.  He was on Fox News Sunday today, and was on his game.  He talked about the BBA, and how it would be good if we had a convention  — a learning experience for young people.  He did not, thankfully, downplay our chances or say he hopes an Amendment Convention would be avoided by Congress passing a BBA itself.  Neither statement is helpful.

Kasich handles himself as well or better than anyone else in the field.  That’s good for us.  The more attention people pay to him, the more opportunity he’ll have to promote the BBA.

Bill McIlvain will be working the halls in Wyoming next week.  We went over our list of targets together today, and it sure seems to us that he, Tyler and Dan should be able to get to 31.  South Dakota #25, Wyoming #26.

That would be sweet.

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