36 in South Dakota, 31 in Wyoming.  We’re up for final passage in the House in both, and those are the votes we need.  The first big test.  We’re pretty much a lock in South Dakota, and look strong in the Senate as well.  Wyoming is an open question.  If we get the House, we will get the Senate, no doubt.  Bill Fruth and I met a lot of these Representatives in Cheyenne last week, and they certainly seemed open to our arguments.  But the Birchers will be spreading wild conspiracy and end of times theories, and you never know.  I’d be severely disappointed in these people if they fall for it.  We’ll see.

In Montana the vote we need to get out of Judiciary is Theresa Manzella, from Hamilton, fifteen miles east of the Idaho border, and the Continental Divide.  It’s rugged and beautiful country.   She’s a horse woman, and moved from back East to be in real horse country.  A proud, patriotic American.  But she drank the kool-aid.  My son Brendan is calling voters in her district from Bozeman tonight.  He’ll ask them to call her and ask for her vote.  I checked the phone number she lists in the Legislative Directory to make sure it worked, and she picked up.

I know one phone call she could get that would bring her around.

From Sarah Palin.

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