South Dakota House, 38-31.  We counted on Hal Wick, and he came through.  Wyoming House, 44-16.  A lot bigger margin than we were expecting.  Very, very encouraging.  We’re confident of Senate passage in both, so we will soon need only eight more.

I spoke today with Idaho House Ways and Means Chair Christy Perry, who will be taking point.  She asked for a couple things, which we sent her.  Idaho adjourns in about two months, so the pressure is on.  She thinks we need to shoot it quickly through the House, and then take up the main fight in the Senate.  Speaker Bedke has made this a priority bill for House leadership, so we should be OK there.  NFIB lobbyist Suzi Budge has maintained all along that the House will be a lot easier than the Senate.  Bill Fruth says he’s willing to go to Boise with Natelson, so we’ll need to set that up, along with everything else we’re doing in Montana.  If the Wyoming vote is a sign of things to come, we could get Idaho this year.  Palin could help, and would, I believe, if we could get a chance to make our case to her.

Until we get through Montana, it will remain our top priority.  Fruth and Natelson are teaming up in the Capitol at noon on Monday.  That’s our best shot.

Virginia’s starting to look interesting.  We’re out of committee in both Houses, and may get floor votes as early as Friday.  The House looks within reach.  The Senate is a throw of the dice.  If by some chance we could steal Virginia it would be a shocker, and a sign of major momentum behind this whole movement.

Getting it done in 2015 was always a long shot.  It could still happen, but only if we get major support, and quickly.  From a partisan Republican standpoint, 2015 is massively better than 2016.  If we do it in 2015 there will be an actual proposed amendment which the Democrat would have to take a stand on.  If it’s 2016 the Democrat can say she’ll keep an open mind until she sees what’s actually proposed.  So if there were any really smart Republicans out there, who had money, they’d be climbing aboard.

It’s amazing how dumb some of these rich guys are.  Foster Friess, bankrolling Santorum?  Sheldon Adelson, backing Gingrich?  They get behind some of the most politically idiotic things you can think of.  It makes you wonder how they made all their money.

There’s got to be one smart one.

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