The brand

After eight years of Bush the Republican brand was dog meat.  Seven years later we’re barely above water.  And we’re going to choose yet another Goddamn Bush as our champion next year?  It’s crazy, and it will not happen.  Everybody says the polls are meaningless at this stage of the cycle, they only show who has name recognition.  And then all you read about is Jeb being the frontrunner in the polls!

For generations the Bushes have been born on third base, and have all believed they were triple hitters.  Jeb’s no exception.  He’s just another Romney, except I kind of liked Romney.  He just didn’t have balls.

W is Jeb’s tar baby.  His record was a disaster, substantively, and politically.  I’ve seen Kasich twice, in Phoenix and Cheyenne, and each time he’s pointed out that when he left D.C in 2000 there were trillions in reserve, and dimwit W blew it all. Every other potential presidential candidate knows what Kasich knows, and Jeb is going to hear about it.  Unless he’s willing to admit that his brother is a dope, he’s in a box.  And he’s not smart enough to get out of it.

I’ll get something like five minutes in front of Judiciary Tuesday morning, and I think that most of what time I have will be devoted to Democrat Zac Perry of Hungry Horse.  I’ll talk about what happens if we have a BBA.  And what Hillary would do.  I’ll tell him that after watching 34 states propose and 38 ratify, Hillary will make a political calculation that maybe she should listen.  Bill would insist on it.  And if Hillary were able to balance the budget, like Bill did, the Democratic Party could be in power for a long time.

I don’t really know what I’ll say.  You’ve got to size up the jury before you decide on your argument.  But these aren’t jurors.  You can really do some fireworks in front of a jury.  But jurors are chosen at random, and every legislator we’ll talk to is a proven political winner.  Being a state legislator is an honor that your community gives you.  Or at least that’s the way most legislators look at it.  And they expect to be treated that way.  And they should be.

When I testify, I’m a supplicant.

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