Or 10-11. Either way in Montana House Judiciary.  We may lose two or three Republicans, we may win one or two Democrats.  We’ll find out Friday morning.

At a meeting of Reagan Project Co-founders (Me, Darren and Brendan) in Bozeman last night we decided that Brendan and Darren should try to raise some money on this web site.  We’ll form a LLC, get an EIN, obtain 501  (c) (4) status as tax exempt, get a Paypal account, a post office box and a bank account.  Darren will do most of that as well as redo the site.  He’ll work with Brendan to get lists of target donors, and Brendan will dial for dollars.

Bill Fruth told me this morning he’s about tapped out.  Without him going to Capitols and doing his pitch we’re in big trouble. I can’t spend any more of my wife’s and my money   — she wouldn’t put up with it and  I don’t blame her.  We cannot and should not depend on yet more generosity from the Biddulphs.   That’s wrong.  Task Force fundraising has been abysmal.

I believe my boys can pull it off.

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