The news from the Wyoming Senate Rules meeting is a death knell for the Compact.  Nick Dranias was at the Goldwater Institute when he came up with this scheme, and he managed to get two states.  But he’s running on fumes and it’s too bad.  He got out of committee in the Wyoming House right before us, by the same vote.  He was all jacked up.  He’s a good guy, and I hope he figures things out and joins us.

The news from the Montana Judiciary Committee today will be almost as devastating for CoS.  They put everything they had into Montana, ran a first class operation.  We both wanted Senator Roger Webb as our sponsor  — they got him.  We both wanted to turn out the grass roots.  They did, and we didn’t.  Rep. Bob Brown of Thompson Falls told me he got a letter of support for CoS from a constituent that didn’t smell right.  So he called the guy up, and the guy didn’t know what he was talking about.  It was a fake letter.  That is the last act of a desperate campaign.

There are good people working with CoS, all across the country.  Their man in Montana is an outstanding example.  He figured it out.  Hopefully the rest of them figure it out as well.

In time for them to do us some good.

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