A correction

I may have been misinformed, and apologize to Nick Dranias.  It appears the bill killed in Wyoming Senate Rules was the CoS bill, not the Compact.  So Nick may be on his way to his third state.  He actually got one more vote in the House than we did.  Good luck, Nick.

Matthew wasn’t confident about the vote in House Judiciary today, so he got a week’s continuance.  No word yet on who needs convincing.  If we can get Matthew to a radio station to cut a spot we’ll be on the radio by Tuesday.  And we’ll try to run as intensive a phone operation as we can put together in a week.  If House leadership would whisper in a few ears it would help.  I think it’s doable.  We’ll have to fight just as hard on the House floor vote.

CoS lost in Montana Senate Judiciary 2-10, a wipeout.  Chairman Scott Sales (think Andy Biggs of Arizona) tabled the bill, so it’s dead unless they can get 26 on a discharge petition  — which, given the vote in Judiciary, is impossible.  We’ll have to deal with the same Chairman, and may need a discharge ourselves.  But I think we could get 26, if the stars were all aligned.

Sponsor Kraig Powell called from Utah.  A House hearing is set for the 18th, and Bill Fruth and I will go a day early so he can make his presentation.  Kraig has leadership on board, and thinks we’re in good shape.  Kasich’s visit seems to have been quite helpful.  Turnover in the House has given him a whole lot of new people to work with, and he thinks he’s got the votes.  I hadn’t heard from him in a month, and was starting to get worried.  Not really.  I trust Kraig.

Biddulph et al are working Virginia hard, but have got an uphill fight.  They can’t lose a single Republican in the Senate, and there are a couple Senators who are apparently hard core.  They’ll be up for election in November, and maybe we can all get together and elect some new faces.  But that’s for another day.

Matthew says, again, that Sarah Palin could swing a vote or two.  Tea Party Sal Russo can get through to her, and if he can’t get her to listen to our request then I guess she’s just not interested.  Too bad.  It’s a perfect situation for her.  Mark Levin can talk to her, but we can’t seem to get his ear either.  He bought in to the whole CoS idea, and may not want to give it up.  That will change over time, I’m confident, but probably not in time to help in Montana.

Co-founder Darren has set March 1st as the date for the new website and all that will go with it.  He’s setting up his own business in Bozeman, with doors to open on March 15th, so he’s basically up to his ass in alligators.  He’s been working 12 hour days, and more, for quite a while, so this is a big sacrifice for him.  He’ll be repaid like the rest of us.  In the hearts of his countrymen.

Dave Luketic from Kasich’s office is proving most helpful.  The Governor is following through on what he promised, and Dave just asks who he should call.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have any influence with Scott Sales’ of the world.  But who does?

This isn’t going to be easy.  On the other hand, it’s never been done in the history of this country.

It shouldn’t be easy.

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