Kasper of North Dakota

Jim Kasper set a world record yesterday in his committee, passing out four Article V bills in one day.  The BBA, CoS, Compact, and a new one are on the way to the floor.  We knew North Dakota was kindly disposed to Article V, but this is ridiculous.  We always figured we’d get North Dakota.  This is nice confirmation.

Herman Cain should be on the air in a 60 second spot across Montana by Tuesday.  That and a grassroots phone campaign are all we’ve got going.  Matthew and I both requested that Kasich put through a request to Sen. Daines.  We know he’ll try.  Daines could be a difference maker.  If we get out of committee we’ve got to come up with a game changer.  What we’ve got going for us now won’t be enough.

If, in fact, Biddulph gets the radio spot on the air, I’ll follow up by attempting to get on the local program on each station, particularly Great Falls.  Actually, if we could talk Herman Cain to do it, it would be far better.

He might.

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