Sarah Palin and HJ 4

Montana sponsor Matthew Monforton continues to believe that a couple phone calls from Palin would carry the day.  Rep. Randall Pinocci is from the little town of Joliet, up against the base of the Beartooth Range in southern Montana.   Rep.Seth Berglee is from Great Falls, Stephanie Hess is from Havre up by the Canadian border, next to the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.  These are the kinds of places where Sarah Palin’s star still burns brightly.  They fell for her when she ran for Vice President, and they continue respect and admire her.

These three are not Bichers, but they have a significant Birch presence in their districts.  They’re concerned about getting primaried if they vote for HJ 4.  If they can tell their constituents that their vote was as a result of a personal appeal from Sarah Palin, we’ll get their votes.  Sarah just has to make the call.  I have no doubt she would if she was aware of the situation.  We have to get her the message.

Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express has access to her, and has supposedly asked for her assistance in the Article V movement.  Aside from a supportive Facebook posting back in May, I don’t believe she’s been willing to involve herself.

I’ve decided to try a different form of communication.  Back in the 90’s I was on KENI as the first talk show host in Alaska with a strictly conservative political show.  I had more impact as a talk show host than I did as a legislator, where I was always in the minority.  For instance, I played a key role in the passage of concealed carry by the legislature, and in convincing a reluctant Gov.  Wally Hickel to sign it.  There are still people in the radio business who remember me, and my previous legislative career.

There are now three more or less conservative talk stations in Anchorage  — KENI, KFQD, and KBYR.  I emailed the programming manager at all three, asking to appear on their station in order to try and get in touch with Sarah Palin, or at least make her aware of how she could help in Montana.  I explained the BBA had 24, needed ten more etc.  So I’ve got three lines in the water.

Sarah lives in Wasilla, 30 miles from Anchorage as the crow flies.  She may not listen too much to these stations, but a lot of her friends and neighbors do.  I’ll ask them to contact her for me, and tell her that her help is needed.  They’ll convey the message, and that’s all I can do.  When she becomes aware of our appeal I don’t know what she’ll do.  She may feel imposed upon, for all I know.

I think she makes the calls.

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