We’re looking good in the Beehive State.  Sponsor Rep. Kraig Powell thinks we can pull it off.  Last year was a last minute rush job, and we came up five short.  Turnover in the House was very good for us, and Kraig has been diligently educating the new members, apparently to good effect.  Kraig’s the best; a young version of Hal Wick  — and that’s high praise indeed.

Lou Marin succeeded in getting the Utah College YR’s involved, and they’re all fired up.  Candace Daly of NFIB has managed to motivate a bunch of her members, and their involvement is very welcome.  These are just regular Utah small business people, and their views will be given respect.  Kasich’s visit worked out well in Utah.  Sen. Lee, whose father thought Article V was the work of the devil, has even come around.  Hatch was always with us, but he’s a moderate in Utah, and not as influential with legislators.

Kraig has arranged for Bill Fruth to present before the entire Republican Caucus on the 17th, and we’re up in committee the next day.  I don’t have to go.  Bill doesn’t need any help, and his presentation is more effective than mine.  I’m a lawyer, and talk about law and politics.  Bill’s a numbers guy, and he scares the crap out of people.  I’m betting Kraig’s able to get a good crowd, and Bill will seal the deal.

I wish it was that simple.

An absent member meant we came up short in the South Dakota Senate, on a 17-15 vote.  You need 18.  We’ll do it again in a week.  Hal got the Governor aboard last night, overcoming the opposition of his Chief of Staff.  We should be OK.

When it passes I’m going to try to convince Hal to call in to the Mark Levin Show, and report the news.  #25.  Levin is big on the CoS plan, and hasn’t done anything for us.  Getting our 25th will get his attention.  When we get our 26th we’ll have our sponsor call in to report, and the 27th, and the 28th and so on. Eventually Levin will realize he backed the wrong horse, and that we have an honest shot at 34 this year.  If he chose to he could make his program a sort of Article V News Central, reporting on our progress, and our difficulties.  He could put us over the top.  He’s a patriot, and a very bright guy.  I think he’ll do it.

But when?

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