Ride the tide.

Our successful vote in the Montana House Judiciary Committee this morning is one more sign that the political tides have shifted, at least with respect to a BBA through Article V.  Other indications are:

1) Kasich’s decision to go whole hog with our movement.  Kasich’s smart.  He sees something.

2) Idaho Speaker Scott Bedke taking it upon himself to invite Gov.  Kasich to his state to promote our bill.  This came out of the blue.  We got nowhere in Idaho last year.  With Bedke taking the lead, we could pick it up.  It’s a state we’ve got to have, and we’ll need real leadership to overcome the Birchers.  He can provide it.

3)  Utah sponsor Kraig Powell tells us we ought to get Utah this year.  Utah is a hard state, a lot of Birchers and Eagle Forum folks.  I saw this first hand in Salt Lake last year.  Something’s changed.

4)  Wyoming.  We had no idea of what we were going to find in Wyoming.  My previous efforts to reach out to Speaker Kermit Brown went nowhere.  I did manage to get a couple freshmen to sponsor the bill, but they weren’t going to get it passed unless leadership wanted it.  It turned out they did want it.  Winning was big.  Winning 44-16 tells you something major is happening..

5)  South Dakota.  Hal Wick has been trying to pass our bill there for 35 years.  He never really got anywhere.  Finally, finally, he got it through the House.  Hal gets a ton of credit.  But something changed.

We’ve got a shot in Montana for a lot of reasons.  Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan.  But the real reason we can win is because the people of Montana want this bill.  The Birchers can’t prevail against the people.

I think we may be in a virtuous circle.  The coming wins in South Dakota, Wyoming, and North Dakota will reinforce our position in the remaining states.  Every win we get builds momentum.  And every win means we’re closer to the day when the American people realize there is something that can be done, it’s not hopeless.  Everybody, right, left, and center, has given up on Congress.  Article V lets us say to hell with Congress.  The beltway elites can be overcome.  We don’t have to play Hunger Games.  There’s hope.

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know I get carried away sometimes.  I’m a passionate man.  But I’m no dope.

This could happen.

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