Big week

Tuesday’s vote in the South Dakota Senate now looks iffy.  South Dakota is divided politically by the Missouri River.  West River is where the whackos live, and they’re up in arms.  Sen. Monroe from Pierre is feeling the heat from them, and he’s wavering.  He’s our 18th vote, and if we lose him we’ll have to try again next year.  Sen. Ernie Otten is carrying the bill in the Senate, and between him and Hal will do all they can.  The quality of the Senate floor debate apparently was not the best.  Loren Enns and others are preparing talking points for the floor Tuesday.

Tuesday’s vote in the Montana House is anybody’s guess.  The Tuesday vote in the North Dakota House looks like a lock.  For some reason there don’t seem to be a lot of crazy people in North Dakota.

We’re up in a South Carolina Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Wednesday, and Sen. Lee Bright from Spartanburg is wavering.  He knows what he should do.  The Campaign for Liberty, a Ron Paul offshoot, is spouting the same old stuff, and the calls he’s getting have him concerned.  These people are so deluded that they actually believe that the 2nd Amendment would be in danger at an Amendment Convention.  It’s ignorance, pure and simple.  Sad to say, these people are dumber than stumps.  Talking about the law and political reality to them is like trying to explain an internal combustion engine to a Neanderthal.  It just doesn’t work.  Charleston County Republican Party Chair John Steinberger will tape the robocall into his district.  He sounds like he’s from South Carolina, which I think is important.  We also have a shot at Democratic Sen. Thomas McIlveen .  Gov. Kasich will be in Columbia Wednesday and Thursday.  Sen. Grooms, our sponsor, may get a continuance of the hearing if Bright would benefit from a chat with Kasich.

Dr. Coburn will be addressing the Oklahoma Republican Caucus on the 23rd.  Sponsor Rep. Gary Banz has the bill in House Rules on the 25th.  Kasich will talk to Coburn next week.  We’re still not sure if Coburn understands the difference between our bill and CoS.  I think it’s fair to say that no one has more respect in the Oklahoma Legislature than Dr. Tom Coburn, for good reason.  If they won’t listen to him, they won’t listen to anybody.

So, a busy week.  If we do wind up losing South Dakota it’s not the end of the world.  Next year we’ll have even more momentum than we have now, and we can give it another go.

Not so in Montana.

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