The speech

It will be at 1:00 p.m.  MST tomorrow, available for viewing or listening via the Montana Legislature website.  When there’s a close vote, with an uncertain outcome, a good speech can swing a vote or two.  Not in Congress, but it does happen in state legislatures.

It helps being a lawyer, like Matthew Monforton.  You’re accustomed to addressing judges, and juries.  And good lawyers, like Matthew, speak well extemporaneously, and are skilled in rebuttal.

He plans on taking on the Birch Society.  Not the individual Birchers, but the organization.  It’s fertile ground.  As I’ve argued previously, the Democrats whose votes we need have good reason to want to crush the Birch Society in Montana.  It’s a malign influence in the politics of the state.  If Montana passes an Article V Resolution, their irrelevancy will have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

So, go Matthew.  I made a few such speeches myself, back in the day.

They were fun.

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