Soros, Birchers team up for big win in Montana

George Soros may not have impressed Ellie Hill and two other Democrats in Judiciary, but he got to Democratic Governor Bullock, who put out the word:  no Democrats for HJ 4.  To have any real impact, minority Democrats in the Montana Legislature must have a close working relationship with their Governor.  They weren’t going to turn him down.  Everyone knew we needed Democrat votes.  When it became clear we weren’t going to get any, the Republicans stampeded to the exit.  Why piss off the Birchers in a losing cause?  So we lost, big.

Technically we can still get there this year.  But we’d have to win them all. Rep. Christy Perry in Idaho won’t introduce our bill until she’s got the votes to pass it.  She needs 36, and she’s six short.  Oklahoma is going to be a bear.  If Dr. Coburn pulled out all the stops and whipped the bill, he might get it done this year.  We don’t what he’s willing, and able physically, to do. In Arizona we’ve got a Senate President to roll.  Realistically, we could get to 31 this year, with Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and South Carolina.

31’s a big number, big enough to be taken seriously.  We’ll have the last six months of this year to work on Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Virginia might be the key.  The entire legislature is up, including all 40 State Senators, on Nov.3, 2015.  If we can somehow inject the BBA, and Article V, into that election, we might be able to help ourselves.  If we have 31 we’d have to be taken seriously.  Primaries are on June 6th.  The filing deadline is in March.  As soon as the list of candidates is available after the filing deadline, the Reagan Project will mail pledge letters to all Republican candidates.  If we get a case of a contested Republican primary, where we have a pledge signer against a non-signer, we’d do what we could for our guy.  If we had money we’d run ads, or something.

It’s an interesting combo, Soros and the Birchers.  Soros is a piece of work.  The D’s get all wigged out about the Kochs, but at least they’re Americans.  Soros is a Hungarian, or something, and I swear to God it seems to me he wants to tear down this country. Wants to destroy it.  He’s a nut.  Back in the 80’s it was Walter Mondale and Phyllis Schlafly.  Now it’s George Soros and the Birchers.

The quality of our opposition is declining.  There’s hope.

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