Making money count

Here’s a good column in Right Wing News about scams on the right:

50 Million Down The Tubes: How 17 Conservative PACs Are Spending Their Money

The worst scam by far is the Draft Ben Carson for President outfit.  They’ve raised over $12 million and spent $500,000 on actually promoting his candidacy  — around 4%.  Then there’s the Madison Project.  What the hell is the Madison Project?  Former Olympic runner and Congressman Jim Ryun fronts for it.  What they have to do with the fourth President is beyond me.  What have they accomplished?  Who knows?  They publish articles on their web site.  They’ll probably be at CPAC in D.C. this week.  Doing what?  Promoting themselves and trying to raise money.  They’ve taken in over $5million, and spent $300,000 of it donating to candidates or spending money on behalf of candidates.  They look like they’ve got a paid staff of four people.  They’re probably all at CPAC, staying in a fancy hotel and schmoozing.  To what end?

Our principal “competitor” is the Convention of States (CoS).  They’ve raised at least two or three million dollars.  They’ve got three states  — low hanging fruit in Georgia, Alaska, and Florida.  They may pick up North Dakota and some other easy states this year.  Let’s say they’re wildly successful and get five, bringing their total to eight.  So they’re spending about $300,000 per victory.

The BBA Task Force has spent, in its entire existence, around $450,000, the vast majority coming from the personal funds of Dave and Susie Biddulph.  So far it’s won in nine states* and is on track to get six more** this year.  That’s $30,000 per victory.

And we’re, essentially, broke.  The Biddulphs continue to fork over money, but they just don’t have the capacity to keep it up.

Le Uhler’s trying to raise money.  His National Tax Limitation Committee has paid for a lot of the activities of the Reagan Project, including the pledge campaign (which yielded us sponsors in Wyoming and Montana) and my recent travel.

So we’re going to try to raise money at the Reagan Project.  In a month or so we should be up and running.  We’ll be too late to have much impact this legislative season.  But the hardest part will be next year, and it could get expensive.  Soros and his crowd are on to us, and were instrumental in beating us in Montana.  As we get closer to 34 we can expect our opposition to start taking us seriously, and fighting back.

I hate raising money, and was never any good at it.  I was outspent two to one when I first ran for the State Senate in Alaska, and was outspent in pretty much every political battle I got into up there.

But sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.


**ND, WY, UT, WI, WV, SC

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