Score one for Kasich

According to sponsor Senator Larry Grooms, via John Steinberger, Kasich knocked it out of the park in South Carolina.  A home run.  Smooth sailing in the Palmetto State from here on.  Way to go, John Kasich.  The South Carolina legislature is hard to understand, at least for me.  So this is very gratifying.

He helped in West Virginia as well.  There will be no problem in the House (thank you, Delegate John Overington), and with Ohio being a next door neighbor, Kasich and his people should be able to shepherd it through the Senate, with a lot of help from Scott Rogers, a resident.  I’m counting on Senate President Bill Cole  — a politician’s politician.  (That’s a compliment.)

Let’s hope Dr. Coburn does as well when he speaks to the House and Senate Caucuses in Oklahoma City on Monday.  It’s a tougher sell.  Fruth says Oklahoma is where Birchers are born.  If anybody can do it Coburn can.

Wyoming Senator Larry Hicks has given us some idea of what Senate President Nicholas is concerned about.  Fruth has arranged to talk to him Sunday afternoon.  He’s worried about Congressional control, and the sanctity of one state one vote.  We should be able to satisfy him on both counts.  If we lose Wyoming it’s pretty much game over.  I’ll testify Monday afternoon.  Hopefully he won’t need any convincing by then.  All indications are that we have the votes on the floor.  Rules won’t meet until 3:00 at the earliest, so I’ll have Bill McIlvain guide me around the Capitol all day, trying to talk to Senators, particularly Senator Hicks, who’s carrying the bill.  Majority Leader Eli Bebout is helping as well.

Wyoming is scary.  After getting our ass kicked in Montana, a loss in Wyoming would be devastating, and not just on morale.  If we lose it, we need to sweep all eight of our remaining targets, plus pick up Virginia in 2016  — a very tough nut to crack.  Cutting spending in D.C. is not so popular in northern Virginia.

We can lose everywhere else, and come back again next year.  To do that in Wyoming would require a 2/3 vote in each House.  It’s possible, of course.  We won 44-16 in the House.  But getting 20 of 26 Republican Senators could be a hill too high.  We don’t want to go there.

When I heard the vote In Montana it was like a whack upside the head.  I’m over it.  At least I made a friend.  Matthew Monforton and his family will get together with me and mine in Bozeman this summer.  We’ll have a lot to talk about.  I think Matthew’s got a future in politics.  If he wants it.

All in all I’ve got nothing to complain about.  Life is good.

As long as we get Wyoming.

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