Lessons of Montana

(1)    We can’t count on Democrats.  We may have had as many as ten, led by Rep. Ellie Hill.  That would have offset the loss of eighteen Republicans, almost a third of the caucus.  But when the call came from Governor Bullock it was game over.   We can expect the same as we move into other states.  The leadership of the Democratic Party is scared to death of a BBA through Article V.  If this becomes a big issue in 2016 they think it will kill them.

Actually, they’re probably right, as I’ve been saying for months.

(2)    We’ve been noticed.  The Soros funded Center for Budget and Policy Priorities may have a number of different priorities.  I’m betting beating us is number one.  Soros will give them all the money they need.  And we can’t assume they won’t play dirty.  They will, if it comes down to it.  Some on the Task Force have wanted to stay low profile, hoping we wouldn’t be discovered by the left.  I’ve always disagreed.  The left isn’t that stupid.

(3)    We need public support.  People have to know and understand what we’re doing.  They won’t help us if they don’t know who the hell we are.  We want publicity.  When people google Article V I want the Reagan Project popping up #1.  The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force was a name chosen by a committee of accountants, or something.  It sucks.  The Reagan Project’s got some pop.  Sometimes when I’m wandering around the woods in the evening, having a cold one, I try to think up some kind of publicity stunt, some gimmick, to get earned media.  I’ll keep at it.  I did a show with Glen Biegel in Anchorage, KOAN, a couple days ago.  For me, he was the perfect host.  Gave me this glowing introduction, about how I had introduced him and his wife to conservatism when I was on in the 90’s.  We had almost fifteen minutes of substantive conversation about the Reagan Project, Article V, and the BBA campaign.  I thought it went very well.  But I don’t really know.  If he invites me back is how I’ll know.  Anyway, the point is that I can’t count on talk radio.  It may be too complicated to spring this whole thing all at once on people.

The first thing I’ll do, once we’re set up in about a month, is do an op-ed.  I’ve got some ideas about how to get it noticed.

The other obvious angle is getting donations.  People won’t give us money if we’re hiding in the shadows.  We not only need to do things, we need to be seen doing things.  So once we’re over this hump in Wyoming I’m backing off from this whole lobbying business.  I don’t think I’m really suited to it.  I don’t have a bad attitude or anything, but I think I may arouse some resentment.  It’s hard to explain, just a vibe.  Kind of like, who the f— are you?  Like I say, it’s not my line of work.

It’ll be snowing in Denver tomorrow.  This trip could be a bitch.

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