Sponsor Rep. Chris Kapenga has told us to let him handle it.  He says it won’t happen until very late in the year because they’ve got as lot of other stuff to do, like the budget.  I read Kapenga as an ambitious kid who was born to scheme, and I wonder if he’s trying to maximize the attention given to the Wisconsin vote by making it the 31st, rather than, say, the 28th state.  We have not received any sign of support from Gov. Walker up to now, which is surprising.  Back in December of ’13 I predicted that either Kasich, Paul or Walker would pick up the BBA ball and run with it.  Walker and Paul chose not to, perhaps because Kasich had already put his brand on it.  After Ohio passed it in November of ’13 Kasich sent a letter to all the Governors of target states, asking them to get behind the effort within their state.  Walker got that letter, and declined to follow Kasich’s lead.  For whatever reason.  Rivalry, whatever.

The Wisconsin legislature is open for business year round, and can pass our Reso whenever they want.  The votes are there this year.  It could really be done any time.  If Walker declares for President this summer, how does he intend to deal with this issue?  I have no idea.  But if Kasich declares he can smoke him out.  He can smoke them all out, challenge Bush et. al. to join him in his ongoing campaign to get Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho to be the 32nd, 33rd, and 34th states.

Hell, he can smoke Walker out before he decides to declare.  He can go to Wisconsin any time in the next few months and make the case.  I’m not sure, but I believe Kapenga would cooperate.

My flight to Denver was cancelled, so I’m going through Boise with 30 minutes to make the connection to Denver.  Dicey.  I may not get to Cheyenne in time for the hearing.  We should be able to get a continuance of a day or two.  I need to be there, unless Fruth gets a firm commitment from Sen. Nicholas this afternoon, which I doubt.

But, on the other hand, he is the Closer.

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