High Noon in Salt Lake

Tomorrow around mid day the Utah House votes on our bill.  The Senate looks wired, so this is it for Utah, up or down.  Kraig Powell thinks he’s got 43, with 38 the magic number.   Eagle Forum is generating 15-20 Utah emails an hour, so he’s nervous.  He’s trying to get to a few fence sitters for insurance.

Last year I got the sense that Eagle Forum was overplaying its hand in the Utah legislature, that they were hectoring, rather than pleading.  They’re self-righteous and overbearing, and I got the sense they were resented.  If that’s true the members who feel that way can give us  a vote to put them in their place.  I know Kraig is doing all he can.  We can come back next year if we come up short, but there’s no denying a loss would be deflating.  When the board begins to light up, red and green, Kraig will know in a matter of seconds whether he’ll win, or lose.

It’s kind of exciting.

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