Bandwagons and Talk Radio

We need to build upon, and exploit, our imminent victories in Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota and West Virginia.  After the South Dakota win Hal Wick called the Mark Levin Show to announce the news.  He was able to explain to the call screener who he was, and what he’d done.  But Levin was off on some rant about ISIS and never put Hal on the air.  But Hal planted the seed, and when we get our 26th state the call screener will remember Hal’s call about #25.  I’m betting the screener is smart enough to realize this is something the audience, and the host, would find interesting, and encourage Levin to take the call.

Levin is bright enough, but he lacks judgment, as evidenced by his embrace of the CoS model.  He’ll resist climbing down from that horse, but it will happen.  He’s not a fool.  The sooner he gives up on CoS the better.  His audience understands Article V.  If they knew we were closing in on 34 they could be a huge source of grass roots support.

The best person to make these calls is the sponsor, but that may not be possible because of time commitments.  You need to devote three hours, from 4:00 to 7:00 MST, to this call.  If the sponsor can’t do it we need a substitute.  In Wyoming that might be Bill McIlvain, in Utah the head of the College YR’s.  In any event the sponsor needs to find an instate surrogate if they can’t do it themselves.

The exploitation of talk radio should not be limited to Levin.  Anyone who has the time can call Limbaugh, Hannity and the others to trumpet the good news.  Our message of hope can go viral, and should.

But we’ve got to make that happen.

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