What Utah Means

Idaho, maybe.  The LDS is a dominant force in Utah politics.  It’s nearly as important in Idaho.  We have reason to believe that a number of Idaho LDS co-religionists were watching their brethren in Utah, and will follow their lead.  Idaho has about five weeks left in their session, enough time to ram a bill through if leadership wants it.

If that pans out we’d have a shot at 34 this year.  The Dakotas and three of the four mountain states (ID, UT, WY), when added to Wisconsin, West Virginia, and South Carolina get us to 32.  With our momentum building all of these are realistic.

Oklahoma would be the key.  We got our asses handed to us last year.  It was ugly.  But we’ve got 20% turnover, and the freshmen haven’t been exposed to Birch bullshit for years, so they’re gettable.  Dr. Coburn made his pitch.  It’s a tough state, but not as tough as Montana, with 40% Democrats and a Democrat Governor.  So you can lose a fair number of Republicans (as just happened in Utah) and still win.

Then to Arizona, our 34th state, and a reckoning with one Andy Biggs.  I’m not underestimating the man.

But he stands alone.

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