Expect the worst

Hope for the best. The vote in the Wyoming Senate will be a few hours from now, and it’s too close to call.  The Gun Owners of America are fighting us, and may be having an effect.  These people are crazy.  The way they raise their money is by claiming the NRA is weak on the Second Amendment.  When we were fighting for concealed carry in Alaska our problem was Commissioner of Public Safety Brian Porter.  He was the former police chief of Anchorage, and a friend.  These whack jobs came on my radio show and started making threats against him.  I shut them up, quick, and we got our bill.  Like I said, they’re crazy.

When I was in college I got sucker punched, square in the nose, by a very strong guy.  I remember what it felt like.  That’s what a loss in Wyoming would feel like.

I didn’t go down.

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