Hold the champagne

We got through second reading in the Wyoming Senate, but we’re not done yet.  Amendments were adopted on the floor, which the House must concur in before final passage.  And we’ve got third reading in the Senate.

But it looks good.  If we do get Wyoming the Reagan Project Achievement Award* for the State of Wyoming will go to Senate Majority Leader Eli Bebout.  Sometimes what you hear going into a state proves out.  I was told get Eli Bebout on your side and you’ll get a bill.  I was told right.

The amendments shouldn’t matter too much.  The aggregation of 34 Resolutions by Congress is not judicial, or quasi-judicial.  It is a political act, performed by politicians.  If the Republicans in Congress want to aggregate, they will.  If they don’t, they won’t.  They would be fools not to, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Dave Guldenschuh is a lawyer in Rome, Georgia who got the CoS bill through the Georgia legislature.  I didn’t think anybody, in any legislature, was going to be able to do what Dave did.  That bill is a tough sell, while the BBA sells itself.  Dave got fed up with the people at CoS and has joined our team.  We’re hoping he’ll be able to spend a couple days in Oklahoma City, on the ground in the Capitol.  Sometimes a person with an outside perspective can spot things.  We lost Montana (thank you, George) but we had a shot because of what I learned on the ground in Helena.  We almost got the Democrats only because of what I learned there.

I think the way to get to Idaho Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis is through his peers, to wit:  lawyers in leadership.  We know of several we can get, and will get more.  These people can assure him that they, and the other legislative leaders they know, will never allow a runaway.  They won’t let it happen, and they, collectively, will be running the show.

It as a big win in Cheyenne today.  For me, especially.  I’ve spent the last week thinking about Wyoming, and was sure I had it figured out — that we were going to win.  If I was wrong, then I was missing something, something I wasn’t smart enough to see.  That’s a bad feeling.

My wife and I saw Kevin Costner in “McFarland” last night.  Great movie.

It gave me an idea.

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