Pecunia non olet

Money does not stink.  That’s what the Romans used to say, and look what happened to them.

I’ve always hated money in politics, maybe because I never had any.  But I’m a libertarian, and a free speech zealot.  I don’t want the government regulating speech, period.  When the Framers, in the First Amendment, said, “Congress shall make no law….” they didn’t allow for exceptions.  But now I’m open to the idea of allowing individuals complete freedom to spend their own money, and preventing corporations, unions and PACs from spending any.  Full immediate disclosure of all contributions on the internet.  I’m signing up with Wolf-Pac, and I’ll support calling an Amendment Convention on campaign finance reform.  Let’s have a Convention, and see what they come up with.  If it manages to get ratified by 38 states it will represent a national consensus.  That’s how our system was designed.

What really got to me was last year’s Republican primary in Mississippi.  Thad Cochran has no business in the U. S. Senate.  He’s old and feeble and just does what he’s told, which is raid the Treasury for his contributors.  Republicans in Mississippi had enough of him, and wanted him out.  But Haley Barbour and the big money boys played the race card, disgracefully, and bought him six more years.

These same geniuses are all lined up behind the brother of the last dope they put in the White House, W.  Yeah, that’s what we need, yet four more years from the stupid wing of the GOP.  On the Democrat side these wizards want Hillary, who is a complete joke.  Her major qualification for office is a lifetime of enabling the sexual predator she married.

But Jeb Bush is not going to get the Republican nomination.  We’ve had this dog food before, and the greatest sales job in the world won’t make it taste any better.  And now it looks like the Democrats may be ready to turn on the Clintons and their sleaze machine.  They will, if they’re smart.  She’s a terrible politician, and she won’t change.  The quicker they dump her, the better, for them.  The reverse for the R’s.  The longer this woman and her contemptible husband are center stage, the better, if you’re an R.

West Virginia Speaker Armistead is holding up our bill, and talking about doing it next year.  I hope this is not inspired by the example of Phil Nicholas.

Looks like Senator Crapo is the key to Idaho Senator Bart Davis’ heart.  The request will be made to Crapo.  He’ll get the message.  I don’t know anything about him.  Maybe he’s a patriot.

There’s a hitch in my run for Congress.  You can’t file until January.  This upsets my plan.  I’ll have to come up with a new one.  Actually my whole strategy is based on the political conditions in California a year from now.  Right now, it makes sense.  A year from now, maybe not.

God, it would be fun.

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