One man can make a difference.

In Utah that would be Rep. Kraig Powell.  We got Utah, #26, today because of him.  Last year, mid-session, Kraig volunteered to give it a go.  Other members were afraid of being primaried by the Eagle-Birchers.  It was kind of a last minute deal.  I went back and spoke to the Conservative Caucus and testified in committee, but despite all of Kraig’s efforts we lost 32-41.  But we set the stage for this year.  If Kraig hadn’t stepped up to the plate last year we wouldn’t be celebrating tonight. That’s what patriots do.

We’re on the floor in the Oklahoma House next week.  Rep. Gary Banz has been working the bill, but right now is around ten short.  Dr. Coburn’s speech to the House Caucus put us in play.  If we’re not sure of the votes I think we should pull the bill and try next year.  We’ll be stronger next year.  Much stronger.  We’ll have the enthusiastic support of the oil and gas industry, for instance.

Everything’s set in West Virginia for next week except Speaker Armistead.  Bill Fruth will visit with him before the vote.  We should get it, but if we don’t we will next year.  We’ll have the coal industry with us.

We’ve got a subcommittee vote in South Carolina next week, with Senator Bright the swing vote.  Dave Guldenschuh had a long talk with him, but couldn’t get a read.

We’re depending on Senator Crapo in Idaho.  Kasich is calling him this weekend.

North Dakota will have us in Senate Committee on the 19th.  No sign of trouble.  Bill Fruth, road warrior, will go to Bismarck to testify.

The Reagan Project may put up a booth at Freedom Fest  in Vegas in July.  If we do I’m going to lay a bet on Kasich for President.  Because we are going to get this done, and he’ll get the credit, and it’s a very big deal.  Bigger than anyone understands, quite yet.

I see a bright future ahead.

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