Decision time nears in West Virginia and Idaho.  I don’t need to be involved in these or the other five target states, so my involvement shifts from one phase to the next.  I’ll be in Juneau tomorrow night, and meet with Senate President Kevin Meyer Tuesday morning.  If that goes as well as I expect it to, we’ll head up to the third floor and see Gov. Walker and his AG.  If that goes well I intend to go to Colorado and Wyoming later this month, and to Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada in April.  A drive trip.  Nice country, and maybe good weather.  If things look good, in May I’ll probably do North Dakota south to Texas, and over to Louisiana.  Maybe a few other states if necessary.  I have family commitments in June and July, so I want to get this done, the sooner the better.

I feel good about going to Juneau.  It’s been 25 years.


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