The tide rises

The biggest news is from Oklahoma, where sponsor Rep.Gary Banz put on a bravura performance in floor debate of an hour or more, resulting in a 53-42 win.  Next to Arizona,  most of us figured our biggest test was Oklahoma, infested with Birchers.  With Dr. Coburn carrying our banner in the Senate, all of a sudden it looks real.

In Idaho HJR 18 was introduced with 35 of the 70 member House as co-sponsors.  The Senate awaits, and the implacable opposition of Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis.  Kasich and his team, especially Dave Luketic, are pulling out all the stops to convince Sen. Crapo to intervene on our behalf.  If that doesn’t work I may fly to Boise in two weeks and make the Senator an offer he can’t refuse.

In South Carolina we passed out of a Judiciary subcommittee 5-0, with both Democrats aboard.  This was the big hurdle, with subcommittee Chairman Bright the key.  Other obstacles may arise, but this was the big one.

We’re poised to pass the West Virginia Senate today, and the skepticism of the Assembly Speaker seems to be waning.  We have a bipartisan supermajority of sponsors in the Assembly, so passage is assured if we get to the floor.  Time is our enemy, with a Saturday adjournment looming.

We’re up in committee in the North Dakota Senate a week from tomorrow.  They’re moseying along in the Peace Garden State, but final passage will just be a formality.

In Wisconsin sponsor Chris Kapenga has emerged as a leader of that legislature.  He just got passed, and got signed into law, his bill making Wisconsin the 25th right to work state.  That task accomplished, he’s ready to turn his considerable energy and skills toward passage of ours.  Last year the mule headed opposition of Senator Glen Grothman beat him.  This dope is now in Congress, where he can’t do much harm, so Chris has a clear field.  On Wisconsin!

Add those states up, and we’re at 32, with Montana, Wyoming and Arizona remaining.  After I see Davis in Boise in a couple weeks I’ll be heading to Laramie, and Wyoming Senate President Phil Nicholas.  I’m going to present him with the opportunity of a lifetime.  If he accepts, and agrees to engineer a special session, on April 12th I’ll be driving to Salem, then up to Olympia, and to Helena to meet Speaker Austin Knudsen and the comely President of the Senate, Debby Barrett.  I’ll present the same offer, and if they accept, and agree to get the votes needed for a special session, I’ll be off to Salt Lake and Phoenix.  I hope to get a one on one with Senate President Andy Biggs.  That would be fun.

If this scenario doesn’t play out, it’s not the end of the world.  There’s always next year.  But we can hang this skin on the wall in a couple months.  The sooner the better, in so many ways.  Everyone is jacked.

I feel like we’re in a boat, stuck in a tidal mudflat.  We’ve seen the incoming tide.  We can feel it now, as the boat begins to rise.  And when we float, we’re free.

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