Almost heaven

West Virginia.  Number 27 would be heaven.  We hoped to be in and out of House Judiciary, and on the floor, last night.  Instead we’re in Judiciary at 10:00 a.m.on Saturday, March 14, the last day our bill can be considered.  In committee or on the floor.  This could be the result of the last minute press of business, or stalling by the opposition.  The question now is how much Speaker Armstead wants this bill, how high of a priority is it?  If he runs out of time today he must make choices  — what passes this year, and what must wait until 2016?  How late is he willing to hold the House in session?  Is he willing to “stop the clock” at midnight and continue working into what is, technically, Sunday?

I’m 3,000 miles away, and can’t know any of this.  I feel like I’m in the waiting room at a maternity ward.

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