The people

Without their support, I don’t think this gets done.  They have no idea what we’re doing, no clue that Article V exists, or why.  We’ll probably have 30 states this year, and people still won’t know, or care, what we’re doing.

All the polls show broad disgust with Congress and the whole federal government.  People don’t trust it any more, unlike a generation ago.  They have a lot more faith in their state government.  If this is seen as a fight between the states and the feds, the states win.  We need to control the narrative, tell our story, and bring the people behind us.

There’s a school of thought that we need to operate in the shadows, so as not to arouse our opponents.  I could not disagree more.  To me, politics is done in public.  Opponents are confronted, not hidden from.  I welcome a debate.  I would relish it.  And we would win it.

Do the people of this country want to empower the states, and rein in the federal government?  I say, yes they do.  Let’s show them how it’s done.  But first we need to get their attention.  I have a plan which I’m going to try and sell to legislative leaders around the country.  If they buy in, we’ll debut the first week of June.  Let’s spend the next six months debating the merits of this plan, and go into 2016 with 34 wired.

The Constitution’s an idea on a piece of paper.  It’s central to our identity as Americans because we believe in it, and will fight for it.  A BBA is another piece of paper, another idea.  It will work, if at all, if the American people believe in it, and will insist on it.

I want to engage our enemies, in the open, before the American people.  They’ll decide.

It’s the fight I’ve wanted all my life.

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