Democrats on the West Virginia Assembly Judiciary Committee successfully stalled our bill today, killing it.  Now, in order to get to 34 this year, we would need special sessions in two states.  That’s possible, but a real stretch.  And that may not be a bad thing.

Everyone involved wants to get this over and done with, for a host of good reasons.  But one reason was dubious: this would allow the vote for delegates to state ratifying conventions take place on Election Day 2016.  This would be a boon to Republicans all across the country, at all levels.  We have thought this would motivate Republican state legislators to push our bill through this year.  It really hasn’t worked.  While this idea appealed to a few legislators it wasn’t enough, in West Virginia, Wyoming and Montana.

A BBA is not a Republican idea.  We’re not out to help Republicans win elections.  We just want a balanced budget.  We don’t want another Great Depression.  We don’t want Greek economic chaos caused by Greek levels of debt.  If Boehner and McConnell want the BBA ratified they’ll have it done at State Conventions.  The best chance of controlling these Conventions is through special elections, with low turnout.  A lot of low information voters show up at the polls every four years, never to be seen again until four years later.  These people are like Catholics who only attend Mass on Easter. The Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday should decide the future of the Church, not the once a year types. The people who care enough to vote in special elections should decide the future of this country, not the gadflies who vote only in Presidential contests.

We might be better off having the Amendment Convention next year.  If it was held this summer people might not be ready for it.  To proceed in an orderly and timely fashion, the Convention should be organized in advance.  State legislative leaders, Speakers and Senate Presidents, need to establish lines of communication with one another, and to agree on an agenda.  Some of the items on this agenda may be unfamiliar to people, and may need a great deal of public discussion before the Convention convenes.  Time is needed to accomplish all of this.  It’s what I’m working on right now, and it’s a daunting task.  The leaders of at least 26 states need to come to an understanding.  That’s a tall order.  I think the extra time will make it a lot easier.

So, sorry, Republicans.  You’re probably going to have to win 2016 without the BBA being on the ballot.  Actually, if the R’s lack the wit to beat Hillary, they deserve to lose.  She’s a mess.  Though I despise him, I admit that Bill Clinton is gifted politically.  Somehow, for some reason, she thinks that because she married him, and put up with his bullshit all these years, she should be gifted too.  But she sucks.  But I’ll give her this  — she’s no quitter.  She’ll scratch and claw and shriek the whole way, to the end.  She will be the culmination of the Obama Era.  A fiasco.

On my dark side I have a vengeful streak.  It’s unattractive and unchristian, but there it is.  Turn the other cheek, my ass. I want the Clintons humiliated.  As Sulla Felix said in his epitaph, “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.”

Words to live by.

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