The gathering

This could be a lot of fun in Denver.  We’ll have to rent a room at the Denver Westin to hold a morning strategy session, which would be followed by the press conference at noon.  After lunch those who are interested can meet in workshops on various topics, such as the language in the Reagan Amendment covering different aspects of it.  At 5:00 we’d have an open bar, followed by a banquet where presentation of the first George Mason Awards can be made.  We would also hear reports from the chairs of the workshops.  We’d try and get a dinner speaker, but it would have to be a good one, maybe even a presidential candidate.  If we pulled that off we could see if a local organization, such as the Denver or Colorado Republican Women’s Club would put on the whole show, with the public and press invited.  We’d split the proceeds with them.  I can dream.

This will be a chance to see old friends, and introduce them to one another.  Kraig Powell of Utah will be receiving the George Mason Award, as will Hal Wick.  Matthew Monforton, Art Wittich, Tyler Lindholm, Dan Laursen, Mike Chenault, Kevin Meyer, Kevin Lundberg, Pam Roach, Ted Ferioli,  Yvette Herrell, Gary Banz, Chris Kapenga, Jim Kaspar, Marv Hagedorn, Bill Cowsert, Dennis Powers, Larry Grooms, Bob Thorpe, Jim DeCesare, Don Huffines, Dave Lemunyon, Joe Harrison, John Overington, Ken Ivory and others will get a chance to meet each other, many for the first time.  Hopefully there will be a lot of new faces as well, from places that we got a while back, like New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania etc.

A principal reason for the gathering will be for all these people to get to know each other, informally, personally.  They have a lot in common.  They’ll like each other.  This will be the foundation of the actual organization of the Amendment Convention.  Many of these people will not be delegates, but all will participate in the selection of their state’s delegates.  And many of them will be delegates, and can use this gathering to form the nucleus of a majority organization.

The first time I did something like this was 50 years ago, when I set up the California College Young Republican Federation state convention in Oakland’s Jack London Square.  It was the first time I’d done anything like it, and I was nervous that I might have screwed up, but it went fine.  When it was all over a bunch of us got together for some beer in one of the rooms.  We were all relieved everything went well.  Then this guy walks in and has a couple beers.  Turns out he’s Walt Driver from San Francisco State, and he’s a big Bircher, a real crackpot.  I’d been told he carried a gun, because he thought the Commies were out to get him.  I didn’t like his attitude, so I go over and say, “Hey, Walt, I hear you’re packin’ a rod.  You got one on you?”  I thought it was funny, but it made some people nervous.  I mean, this guy was crazy.

I’ll try not to do anything like that in Denver.

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