Not Denver,

Seattle, obviously.  What was I thinking?  The annual meeting of NCSL starts August 3rd in Seattle.  The Denver meeting is just the Executive Board.  There will be ten or twenty times more legislators in Seattle.  It occurs two months later, but who cares?  It just gives us more time to set it up.  I’ve been on Facebook with Greg Moon, one of the leaders of the Seattle Tea Party Patriots.  I hope to be able to meet him on Tuesday.  He told me about Westlake Park, in downtown Seattle, close to the Convention Center, where we can have a noontime Reagan Amendment Rally.

One of the speakers I’ll want at the rally is John Carlson of KVI, the big talk show host in Seattle, and Washington.  Actually, I’ll invite him to MC it.  If he promotes this on his show we’re guaranteed a good crowd.  Another possibility is Sarah Palin.  That’s a decision we don’t  have to make for three months.  She’d get media attention, and draw a crowd, but it would turn into a Sarah Palin event.  I’ll want to hear what everyone else thinks.  I’m betting we can get a Presidential candidate, and if we do we won’t need Palin.  Another speaker will be Utah Rep. Ken Ivory, President of the American Lands Council.  He will have the most substantive part of the rally.

I’ll be in Seattle Monday, and check out the park.  I’ll be at the Grand Hyatt, which we may want as the venue for meetings and a possible awards dinner.  I need to put together a budget for all this, and raise the money.

Senate President pro tem Curt Bramble is one of the heroes of Utah.  He carried our bill in the Senate.  When Curt Bramble agrees to put your bill through the Senate, it gets through the Senate.  As incoming President of NCSL, he’ll have a big say in what happens in Seattle.  I’ll be talking to him, soon, about coordinating the Reagan Amendment Summit and his show.  It would be nice to somehow be on the official NCSL agenda.

The goal, of course, is press coverage.  Maybe in the next four months we’ll have spread the word on the Reagan Amendment enough so that there will be some interest.  Actually, we need a gimmick of some kind.  Maybe.  Maybe a Presidential candidate would be enough.  We’ve got time to think this through.  I’m thinking as I type.  That’s not good.

Time for a beer, and a walk in the woods.

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