Or a lack thereof.  That’s why Article V is so hard.  The American people, as represented by their state legislators, don’t trust each other.  What kind of people elect a nonentity like Obama, and then, after four years of incompetence, elect him again?  What kind of people elect, year after year, the same set of fools and blowhards we see in Congress?  Can this electorate be trusted anywhere near the Constitution?

We have no choice.  If the people, acting through their state legislatures, can’t be trusted with the Constitution, then it’s game over.  We lost the country.  The Supreme Court won’t save us.  Chief Justice Roberts made that clear when, in a tortured opinion, he upheld Obamacare.  Nothing will save us.  All we’ve got is an old piece of paper, with some famous names on it.

A republic, if you can keep it.  Truer words were never spoken.  When the basic structure of the Constitution has been so distorted, by a hundred years of “progress”, a free people does something about it.  We’ve forgotten a few things in the last hundred years.  We forgot that the Federal Government is not the sovereign in this country, the people are.  We forgot that when the states gave up a portion of their sovereignty to form this country, they reserved the right to take it back.  As long as they act collectively, according to the procedures of Article V.

We are in dire straits.  You get the feeling that if we don’t do something soon we’ll lose it all, our entire heritage.  The Framers foresaw this day, and gave us a clear way out.  Do we have the courage, do we trust each other enough, to go there?  I believe we do.  I got off the couch eighteen months ago because I saw, with my own eyes, a turning of the tide.  The rollout of Obamacare.  The low water mark.  The moment the tide turned flood toward freedom.

Is that what happened, a year and a half ago?  We will find out soon enough.  When people get to understand the Reagan Amendment, they’ll either like it, or they won’t.  Politics is an unforgiving business.  You either win, or lose.  But it is a business.  I either know it, or I don’t.

When my son Darren and I started the Reagan Project, it was about building trust.  That’s what the Reagan Amendment Summit is about.  If we can begin to form a community there that trusts itself, a community determined to grow, there is no limit to what it could accomplish.  All while balancing the budget.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in on a jail break.

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