29, 30 or 31?

North Dakota will be 27, maybe as early as Monday, according to Guldenschuh.  South Carolina will be 28.  John Steinberger reports we passed out of the full Senate Judiciary Committee 15-6, with two D’s.  We could be on the Senate floor by the end of next week.  The House is wired.  In Wisconsin Lou Marin reports that sponsor Chris Kapenga is waiting on the special senate election to fill the seat of now-Congressman Glen Grothman, the blockhead who beat us last year.  Chris knows what he’s doing.  He’s fairly young, but he has skills.  Wisconsin will be 29, though it might not be ’til fall.

We came in to 2015 ten short.  We’ll almost certainly get five.  But 30 sounds a lot better than 29, and 31 sounds really good.  I’ll be in Boise on Wednesday, and I’ll stay until I get to talk to Bart Davis.  I’ll tell him about the Reagan Amendment, and what it could mean for the economy, for jobs, in his state.  Every Republican legislator I’ve ever known cares about jobs.  A lot.  It’s one thing that unites us all.  I hope he gets it.  Depending on the reaction I get from Davis, I may want to go to Oklahoma City in a few weeks to talk about what the Reagan Amendment would mean for Oklahoma.

Biddulph’s still talking about getting it done this year.  That would require special sessions in West Virginia, Wyoming, and either Montana or Arizona.  I don’t see that happening.  But if we go viral, anything’s possible.

The closer we get, the more focused.

Loren Enns will be doing a pledge campaign in Virginia.  The filing deadline for November’s legislative elections is getting close, if it hasn’t already passed.  The quicker those letters go out, the more effective they will be.  You never know.  Virginia could be 34 next year.

Some guy in California filed our bill.  I may have some free time in Sacramento at the end of next week.  If I do I’ll drop by his office and tell him that when California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown ran for President in 1980 an Article V BBA was one of his principal campaign themes.  Jerry used to be a thinker, an innovator.  Maybe somebody should remind him of who he was, 35 years ago.  I’ll say this about Jerry.  If he was ten years younger he’d run against Hillary, and he’d beat her.  He smells weakness.

The Republican Party in California is dead.  A big reason is abortion, which is a religion to the women of this state.  If I run for Congress next year it will be as a Reagan Democrat.  I became a Democrat a year ago.  I’d call upon my fellow Democrats in Sacramento to place on the ballot a pro-choice constitutional amendment.  If Rowe v. Wade is overturned they’re going to do it anyway, so why not now?  Because, of course, they want the issue.  To beat Republicans up with.

Running for Congress might be fun. Hell, I know it would.

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