Article V is perfectly proportioned.  It’s the Dolly Parton of the Constitution.

Up to now we’ve been focused on 34.  That’s where our focus will remain, but I think it’s time to look past 34, to 26 and 38.  Moving on up, so to speak.  For the first time since I got involved, eighteen months ago, I think the odds of 34 are in our favor.  Getting 26 of 50, to organize and control the Amendment Convention, shouldn’t be that tough, as long as people don’t let their egos and personal ambition get in the way.  There are 31 red states, with solid red legislatures, which share an interest in saving our country through the rapid economic growth which would result from the Reagan Amendment.

Some of the 31, like Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are purplish, it’s true.  But the real key to 38 are the seven actual purple states, with legislatures half red, half blue.  Of these, I think New Mexico, Colorado, and Kentucky would easily ratify the Reagan Amendment, getting us to 34.  The deciding states will be Maine, Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington.  These are the states the Amendment Convention must be cognizant of as it fashions the actual amendment.  There are other possible targets, of course.  Delaware, perhaps, and definitely Oregon, where 52.6% of the state is owned by the federal government.

We should get Washington, where 28.5% of the land is federal.  So we’re down to Maine, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Down on its luck Maine would, like every state in the Union, benefit economically from the Reagan Amendment.  Maybe that would be enough.  Maine’s legislature flips back and forth between red and blue, and its Governor is a right wing Ross Perot type.  We should get Maine.  Iowa just elected Joni Ernst, striking terror in the hearts of hogs across the country.  This is a seriously conservative woman.  They’ve had a Republican Governor for umpteen years.  We ‘ll get Iowa.

So it all boils down to Minnesota, where my mother’s family hails from.  Bemidji, up north, to be precise.  Harriet Brennan Achenbach was her maiden name.  Minnesota was settled almost exclusively by northern Europeans  — Germans and Scandinavians.  Prairie Home Companion, and all that, where all the kids are above average.  They’re good people, but they do have a socialist streak in them.  But I think that’s fading.  Socialism doesn’t mesh well with diversity, and I think they’re figuring it out.  The Twin Cities have a lot of population, but most of Minnesota is farm country.  Yeah, we’ll get Minnesota.

I learned a valuable lesson in Minnesota  — don’t trust strangers.  We were staying in Wilton, about ten miles north of Bemidji on Highway 11.  We went to the County Fair in Bemidji, and a guy offered me ten dollars if I’d pass out flyers all afternoon.  My family was heading back to Wilton, but they let me stay to earn the money, since I could hitchhike back.  I busted my ass for hours passing out flyers, and when it was time to get paid the guy gave me a pen set he said was worth ten dollars.  My ass.  A quarter at best.  I’d been cheated, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I really wanted that ten dollars.  It would have doubled my entire wealth.

That was in 1954.  I was nine.  I’ve tried, ever since, not to be taken advantage of.

It still pisses me off.

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