Two down, 24 to go

Pam Roach was just what I expected.  We had a great meeting.  She gets the Reagan Amendment.  She’ll get it a lot more when she’s had time to think about it.  She’s very proud of her family.  Her 17th grandchild is due soon.  She said that’s just what Mormons like her do.  She got out her cell phone to show me a picture of her daughter-in-law, a 125 pound Olympic weight lifter.  She cleans and jerks 250 pounds, twice her weight, which is some kind of record.   Pam and I got along just fine.

The Capitol in Olympia is one of the best I’ve seen.  It’s uncluttered.  A lot of Capitols ruin their internal décor by hanging a bunch of pictures of dead politicians all over the place.  And some of the statuary I’ve seen is atrocious. Not so in Olympia  Everything in good taste..

Now it’s on to Boise, in quest of a third state.  If we don’t get to 34 this year, it’s not all bad. More time to line up support for the Reagan Amendment.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to turn Senator Davis.  To tell you the truth it doesn’t matter all that much.  We’ll get Idaho next year.  But 30 sounds so much better than 29.

Rep. Jim Kasper will getting an award at the Reagan Amendment Summit.  North Dakota, today, is #27.  Passed the Senate 29-17.  We always thought North Dakota wouldn’t be that tough.  But a win is a win.  It puts everybody in a good mood.

Co-founder Darren is starting his own business in Bozeman on May 1st.  He’s got a million things to do to open the doors, but he’s all jacked up about the Reagan Amendment, so he’s moonlighting on the web site.  I can’t wait to see it.  I’m like a kid at Christmas.  He thinks we’ll be able to raise some money on it.  The man’s a marketing whiz, so maybe he’s right.

I really didn’t know what to expect with Pam today.  When I talked to her last summer I could tell she was a character.  But the Reagan Amendment is a real departure from conventional thinking, and I was worried she might think I was some kind of nut.  Not a problem.  She didn’t blink an eye.  That was the best thing about the whole meeting.  She says she’ll be at the Reagan Amendment Summit, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her foreign travel.  I guess she’s a globe trotter.

Pam is a leader.  I could tell.  And she’s a pro.  And a solid Reaganite.  She can be a major asset going forward.  Plus she’ll be fun to be around.

I’s nice working with people it’s fun to be around.  Rep. Dick Schultz from Tok was a funny guy. Great sense of humor.  We played a lot of handball together.  He was an athlete, a big guy, from Nebraska.  He was recruited by Alabama as a running back.  He told me a story about winning the big game in high school and coming home, cock of the walk, and more or less demanding the keys to the family car.  He said his dad got up and flattened him with one punch.  He said he went up to his room and cried.

Dick loved his dad.

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